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    Drupadi was dragged by her long hair across the great hall to the gambling table. Everyone in that room could hear her cry, yet no one to help her. Even her husband, Yudhistira, was mute. Arjuna, Nakula and Sadewa were…

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    Sentimental Fool

    I have absolutely no control over my tear ducts. They start overflowing at least provocation. Sometimes it will be one of those kitten-with-a-sore-paw stories in the paper. Newly pregnant friends always get soggy shoulder along with my congratulation. And once,…

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    Someone asked Gandhi ‘If there is only one God, then why there isn’t only one religion?”. Gandhi answered ‘A tree has million leaves, but they are all rooted in one tree”. Probably Gandhi’s argument is not exactly right, but I…


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