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    Car Horns

    Last night I went to caf√© for dinner with some friends. I heard this old song. Her voice is quite pleasing. The melody is smooth but without enthusiasm, kind of afternoon siesta-music. I had a dream of Indonesia‚Ķ They seem…

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    Time chooses a great man for its period. The year 1908 had Soetomo as its great man. In a special way, the founder of Boedi Oetomo was a suitable choice for the 20 may 1908 National Awakening Movement. He was…

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    Beyond Border

    In times long past, boundaries were merely an extension of the whim of reigning monarch. As Alexander realized that Macedonia was too small for him, he left with thousands of soldiers, extending his realm as far as Hindustan. And then…

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    I’m Going Red

    Once in his life, every man is entitled to fall madly in love with gorgeous redhead. (Lucille Ball, actress) Few months back, life has made me hectic and felt about as bright and luminous as a broken light bulb. Other…


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