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    Kisah Dua Manohara

    Kamu pasti sudah khatam sama kisah Manohara Pinot, tapi apa kamu pernah dengar kisah Putri Manohara yg telah ratusan tahun tercetak pada relief candi Borobudur?? Yup! Kisah Putri Manohara ada di relief deretan bawah pd dinding utama sebelah barat di…

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    Drupadi was dragged by her long hair across the great hall to the gambling table. Everyone in that room could hear her cry, yet no one to help her. Even her husband, Yudhistira, was mute. Arjuna, Nakula and Sadewa were…

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    Time chooses a great man for its period. The year 1908 had Soetomo as its great man. In a special way, the founder of Boedi Oetomo was a suitable choice for the 20 may 1908 National Awakening Movement. He was…

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    Beyond Border

    In times long past, boundaries were merely an extension of the whim of reigning monarch. As Alexander realized that Macedonia was too small for him, he left with thousands of soldiers, extending his realm as far as Hindustan. And then…


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