Leaders; they don’t always emerge through upheavals of history like we had in 1965 and 1998. A great number of the world’s leaders in late 21st century didn’t emerge through a situation of crisis. They rose to their positions of where chosen in atmosphere of normality, even blandness – without revolution, coup or drama.

There’s an ancient Chinese saying that goes “Great men are a great disaster for public”. The cynicism in that expression probably comes from a long and bitter experience. People can recall how their leaders raised themselves through battle and beating people into submission, or demonstrated their power by trampling on others. Someone previously hailed as a savior later dash all hopes people had in him, even became a traitor.

Perhaps we don’t have to feel regret. The birth of a great figure in terms of history is the greatest spark of chance. It’s unpredictable and follows no clear natural law. In times that don’t provide opportunities for heroism, a leader doesn’t have to be a great man.

However, it’s the ‘greatness’ that guarantee stability, for in this way a leader can enter without the accompanying fanfare and can depart without leaving anxiety in his wake. That is the reason why a democracy requires an established system that won’t be easily threatened (therefore, this system should relies on attitude oh humility towards historical reality) to avoid dependence on a single individual.

When someone chosen, then it’s because he has fulfilled certain requirements that have been established and agreed in advance, not because the requirements were made to fit with his situation. It doesn’t matter if he was replaced by someone else as long as the person fulfilled the established criteria. Without that, in the end all hangs on uncertainly.

Thus, in the future a leader will appear only through a routine selection process. We need something routine without blood sheet. In other words, we need only a leader, for we will not always be able to produce a hero.But of course, In fact great men are not born each year.