I know life always surprises me, mostly in a good way. I don’t know when I started to realize it, but  I notice that the last five or six years, I experience a lot of things that change me to what I’m now.


I was a perfectionist. I usually had plans for everything and made wishes on how my days should turn out. I even expected a lot on how other people will act only to found out that it made me frustrated when things didn’t work as I hope. Unfortunately, things seem to twist too often and turned in ways I didn’t expect.

 Too often I found myself caught up in a situation in which my thoughts were racing. I was carried away and engaged in what was happening. Without warning, I was caught off guard, unprepared and surprised when something happened or when someone did or said thins that hurt me. And that has caused me negative stress and even anxiety.

Then I realize that life isn’t so linear. From time to time, even the best plans can go awry. Those unexpected moments I experienced taught me who I am and how flexible I am to “go with the flow.”  And those unexpected outcomes taught me that I must maintain equipoise between what I want and what is.

Like it or not, life will make me gather my friends and family for a huge celebration, and it also will make me curl up and wonder what went wrong. It takes time for me to learn that nothing went wrong. It is life that unfolds at its own rhythm.  I cannot always predict that there will be logical results to my actions. Life is full of lessons on the paths which dished out to me, some with greater obstacles to overcome. It is only my sense of humor, my métier, and my willingness to push through and learn the lessons that can make me endure and overcome things.

I know that I should expect the unexpected as life is full of surprises. There are many things I can’t prevent from happening because they’re meant to happen, but instead of running away from it, I should embrace it, solve it and learn from it.

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